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Old 01-23-2011, 10:23 AM
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Default WANTED cummins parts

Thought id throw this up on the forum to see who has parts laying around they wanted to sell. Most of these parts i want are new, but ya just never know if someone bought them and didnt need or want them.


USED 12valve rods, I would like marine, but i hear there hard to find, other wise a set of brazil, US, or england rods will work.

USED T4 exhaust manifold, 12valve or 24valve, but not 3rd gen style.

USED or new aftermarket dampner.

USED or new 12valve p-pump timing housing.

USED or new p-pump timing gear.

USED or new heavyduty automatic flywheel/flexplate.

USED p-pump injector lines.

USED cheap stock or aftermarket injectors for cores.

USED or new aftermarket keepers and retainers.

NEW heavyduty valve springs.

NEW 12mm head studs.

NEW 14mm LONG main studs (for use with a girdle).

NEW cam, depends on specs.

NEW pistons and rings, I havnt decided for sure, but leaning towards MAHLE # 286110 CUMMINS #391140

SO far all i have is a good block, crank, and main caps. I have a girdle and torque plate being made, and im not looking for a head injection pump or turbos.
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