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Default OBD II Codes 1000 to 1200

P dOnE No Error Codes Present
E dOnE No Error Codes Present

OBD II Codes 0100 to 0500

OBD II Codes 0500 to 1000

P 1000 Ignition Circuit low

P 1001 Ignition Circuit high

P 1004 ECU Battery Feed & Power Grounds

P 1005 System Ground Circuit

P 1006 EGR/EVAP Solenoid Circuit low

P 1007 EGR/EVAP Solenoid Circuit high

P 1008 Power Steering Circuit low

P 1009 Power Steering Circuit high

P 1012 MPA Circuit low

P 1013 MPA Circuit high

P 1014 Fuel Pump Circuit low

P 1015 Fuel Pump Circuit high

P 1016 Charge Air Temperature Circuit low

P 1017 Charge Air Temperature Circuit high

P 1018 Serial Data Circuit

P 1019 Power Lactch not set

P 1021 Engine Failed to Start due to mechanical, fuel, or ignition conditions

P 1022 Starter Relay Circuit low

P 1024 ECU Start Circuit low

P 1025 Wide Open Throttle (WOT) Circuit low

P 1026 Wide Open Throttle (WOT) Circuit high

P 1027 ECU Sees Wide Open Throttle

P 1028 ECU Does NOT see Wide Open Throttle

P 1029 ISA Closed Throttle Circuit low

P 1030 ISA Closed Throttle Circuit high

P 1031 ECU Sees Closed Throttle

P 1032 ECU Does NOT see Closed Throttle

P 1033 ISA Circuit

P 1034 ISA Circuit

P 1035 ISA Circuit

P 1036 ISA Circuit

P 1037 Throttle Position Sensor Circuit Reads low

P 1038 Park/Neutral Line high

P 1039 Park/Neutral Line low

P 1040 Latched B+ Line low

P 1041 Latched B+ Line high

P 1042 No Latched B+ 1/2volt Drop

P 1043 Shift Lamp Circuit Grounded

P 1044 D2-1 Circuit low (A/T)/Upshift Lamp Circuit(M/T)/Shift Lamp Circuit high

P 1045 Shift Lamp Circuit open

P 1047 Wrong ECU

P 1048 M/T Vehicle Configuration

P 1049 A/T Vehicle Configuration

P 1050 Idle RPM low

P 1051 Idle RPM high

P 1052 MAP Sensor Out of Limits

P 1053 Change in MAP reading Out of Limits

P 1054 Coolant Sensor & 5v Supply for Throttle Position (TP) Sensor/MAP Circuit Low

P 1055 Coolant Sensor Circuit High

P 1065 Inactive Coolant Temperature Sensor

P 1059 A/C Request Circuit low

P 1060 A/C Request Circuit high

P 1061 A/C Select Circuit low

P 1062 A/C Select Circuit high

P 1063 A/C Clutch Circuit high

P 1064 A/C Clutch Circuit hgh & Power Steering Input

P 1065 Rich Oxygen Sensor Input

P 1066 Lean Oxygen Sensor Input

P 1067 Latch Relay Circuit low

P 1068 Latch Relay Circuit high

P 1069 No Tachometer

P 1074 ECU Does NOT See Speed Sensor

P 1106 MAP Sensor Circuit Intermittent high voltage

P 1107 MAP Sensor Circuit Intermittent low voltage

P 1110 Decreased Engine Performance Due to high intake air temperature

P 1111 IAT Sensor Circuit Intermittent high voltage

P 1112 IAT Sensor Circuit Intermittent low voltage

P 1114 ECT Sensor Circuit Intermittent low voltage

P 1115 ECT Sensor Circuit Intermittent high voltage

P 1121 TPS Circuit Voltage Low

P 1122 TPS Circuit Voltage High

P 1125 Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor System

P 1133 HO2S Insufficient Switching Bank 1 Sensor 1

P 1134 HO2S Insufficient Transition Time Ratio 1 Sensor 1

P 1153 HO2S Insufficient Switching Bank 2 Sensor 1

P 1154 HO2S Insufficient Transition Time Ration 2 Sensor 1

P 1180 Decreased Engine Performance Due to high injection pump fuel temperature

P 1191 Intake Air Duct Leak

P 1192 Inlet Air Temperature Sensor Voltage Low

P 1193 Inlet Air Temperature Sensor Voltage High

P 1194 O2 Heater Performance

P 1195 O2 Sensor 1/1 Slow during Catalyst Monitor

P 1196 O2 Sensor 2/1 Slow during Catalyst Monitor

P 1197 O2 Sensor 1/2 Slow During Ca=talyst Monitor

P 1198 Radiator Temperature Sensor Too High

P 1199 Radiator Temperature Sensor Too Low
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