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Old 03-08-2011, 06:42 PM
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Default General OBD II Codes List 0500 to 1000

This list is by no means complete. In the future we will have all the OBD II codes listed, as well as manufactures' specific codes in their respective forums, along with links to them.

P dOnE No codes present
E dOnE No codes present

P 0501 Vehicle Speed Sensor Performance

P 0505 Idle Air Control Motor Circuits

P 0506 Idle Speed Performance lower than excepted

P 0507 Idle Speed Performance higher than excepted

P 0508 Under Current Condition Detected in linear idle air control motor feedback sense circuit

P 0509 Over current Condition Detected in linear idle air control motor feedback sense circuit

P 0514 Battery Temperature Sensor Rationality

P 0516 Battery Temperature Sensor Circuit low

P 0517 Battery Temperature Sensor Circuit high

P 0520 Engine Oil Pressure Sensor Circuit

P 0521 Engine Oil Pressure Sensor Performance

P 0522 Oil Pressure circuit low

P 0523 Oil Pressure Circuit high

P 0524 Oil Pressure too low

P 0532 A/C Pressure Sensor Circuit low

P 0533 A/C Pressure Sensor Circuit high

P 0541 Low Voltage on the #1 intake air heater relay

P 0542 High Voltage on the #1 intake air heater relay

P 0545 A/C Clutch Relay Circuit

P 0551 Power Steering Pressure Switch Failure

P 0560 System Voltage

P 0562 Charging System Voltage too low

P 0563 Charging System Voltage too high

P 0567 Cruise Resume Circuit

P 0568 Cruise Set Circuit

P 0571 Cruise Brake Switch 1 Performance

P 0572 Brake Switch 1 low

P 0573 Brake Switch 1 high

P 0575 Cruise Switch Failure (shorted)

P 0577 Cruise Switch Failure (open)

P 0579 Speed Control Switch 1 performance (5.7l)

P 0580 Low Voltage Detected at the speed control multiplexed switch

P 0581 High Voltage Detected at the speed control multiplexed switch

P 0600 PCM Failure Serial Communication Link

P 0601 PCM Internal Controller Failure

P 0602 ECM Fueling Calibration Error

P 0603 VCM Memory Reset

P 0604 ECM RAM Check Failure

P 0605 ECM ROM Check Failure

P 0606 ECM Hardware Failure

P 0607 ECU Internal Failure

P 0615 Starter Relay Control Circuit

P 0621 Generator L Terminal Circuit

P 0622 Generator Field Not Switching Properly

P 0628 Fuel Pump Relay Circuit low/low voltage detected at the fuel lift pump

P 0629 Fuel Pump Relay Circuit high/high voltage detected at the fuel lift pump

P 0630 VIN Not Programmed in PCM

P 0633 SKIM Key Not Programmed In PCM

P 0642 Sensor Reference Voltage 1 Circuit low

P 0643 Sensor Reference Voltage 1 Circuit high

P 0645 A/C Clutch Control Circuit

P 0646 A/C Clutch low voltage detected at relay

P 0647 A/C Clutch high voltage detected at relay

P 0650 Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) Circuit

P 0652 Sensor Reference Voltage Circuit 2 low

P 0653 Sensor Reference Voltage Circuit 2 high

P 0654 Engine Speed Output Circuit

P 0698 Sensor Reference Voltage Circuit 3 low

P 0699 Sensor Reference Voltage Circuit 3 high

P 0700 EATX Controller DTC Present

P 0703 Brake Switch Performance

P 0704 Clutch Switch Circuit (M/T)

P 0711 Transmission Temperature Sensor, No Temperature Rise After Start

P 0712 Transmission Temperature Sensor too low

P 0713 Transmission Temperature Sensor too high

P 0720 Low Output Speed Sensor RPM, above 15 MPH

P 0740 Torque Converter Clutch, no RPM drop at lock-up

P 0743 Torque Converteer Clutch Solenoid/Transmission Relay Circuit

P 0748 Governor Pressure Solenoid Control/Transmission Relay Circuit

P 0751 O/D Switch Pressed (low) more than 5 minutes

P 0753 Transmission 3-4 Shift Solenoid/Transmission Relay Circuit

P 0756 AW4 Shift Solenoid B (2-3) Functional Failure

P 0783 (3-4) Shift Solenoid, No RPM drop at lock-up

P 0801 Reverse Gear Lockout Circuit open or shorted

P 0830 Clutch Depressed Switch Circuit

P 0833 Clutch Released Switch Circuit

P 0837 4WD Switch Performance

P 0838 4WD Switch Circuit low

P 0839 4WD Switch Circuit high

If you cannot find the code that you are looking for, Look Here.
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