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Old 06-24-2012, 09:11 PM
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Default Dodge Cummins EGT Woes?

Here is what I've done: new IT exaust manifold with stock turbo, Marked new damper with TDC & 12,14,16* marks, put damper on with TDC mark on leading edge of rpm sensor for future refrence & barred engine to stock 14* mark, loosened timing gear nut & popped gear loose with puller, barred engine a tad more to 16* mark, CLEANED timing gear threads well & retorqued nut to 145Ft. lb. Put it all back together. Whew & now... First outing & pulling a 3 Horse trailer with one on board, I blew off a lower boot, HaHa on the hwy. put it back on, then I notice my EGT's Hi 1000 to 1200 every time i hit the pedal & 2-2.5k rpm & boost to 25 -30 psi?? I thought the exhaust manifold & timing would help with that. And YES, I still feel a loss of power @ lower rpm's now having it advanced. any thoughts on my egt's?? I didn't lock the pin on side of injection pump, I did push pin in on front of the injection pump for TDC while I popped the gear loose, barred engine to 16* & pulled it before I torqued the nut. thanks dave
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Old 06-26-2012, 08:06 PM
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Building boost just like before? Smoking more, less, or the same? Turbo seem to light at about where it did before? You have me curious.....
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